How Big is the field:

The field in 60 meters by 40 meters and has 2 meter high fencing all round it. It has a secure metal gate with a gap of only 6cm and is fenced tight down to the ground.

Can I share my field booking?

You may share your booking with up to 2 other "groups" with a maximum number of dogs being 6. We ask you to complete one booking and the person who makes the booking is responsible for making sure the other people and dogs adhere to all the rules in the terms and conditions that were read whilst booking the slot.

Can I share my lesson?

No - the training lessons are for one dog only, you may however bring a couple of people with you for the lesson, we advise this particularly if multiple people handle the dog at home.

Please don't bring other dogs or companion animals with you to the lesson.

Can I get a refund on my session?

Unfortunately not, due to the high demand for spaces on the field we run a no refund policy. The exception to this is if Kit4dogs cancel the lesson due to bad weather or a situation out of our control, then you will be given a full refund and altered via email that your session no longer will go ahead.

If you think there is an extenuating circumstance as to why you require a refund please use the "contact us" form.

What facilities are there?

We have a sheltered hut for the humans with comfy furniture (no dogs allowed in) there is a picnic bench for up to 8 people.

We have a hot drinks machine which makes Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate (instructions on use in the hut) we run an honesty box policy and ask for £.1.50 a drink.

At present there are no toilet facilities but we will be working on this and hope to have some up and running soon, including a dog shower!

Does the Dog Field have social media?

Yes you can find it on Instagram @ashbournedogfield - please follow us and tag us in all your adventures on the field and we will re share as many as possible.

Also a great place to keep up to date with any special offers we have and all the weather conditions that might stop play on the field.