Dedication to High Standards

We have spent a long time planning and sourcing the right materials for the Dog Field, the equipment that we have placed on the field has varying range of complexity and is built with safety and fun in mind.

We have created different questions for your dog to try out, from the fun textures of the sand pit for rolling and digging right through to ladders and full height A frame to develop core and hind limb strength. All items have varying difficulty levels and encourage your dog to learn and develop as they play.

The Main Frame

IGP competition height "A" frame and Hurdle.

These can be changed in height for all abilities.

We built this piece of equipment with every ability in mind, whether the dog just learns to climb the ramp up to the main podium or further learns to walk across the slats and then progress onto the ladder. We also incorporated a barrel walk to help develop balance and core whilst exposing the dog to slippy surfaces.

Not forgetting the cut out run through holes under the main podium for a game of hide and seek - or the ability to develop search work in a covered/enclosed environment.

We have got everyone covered!!

The Hut

Great place to find the hot drinks machine - please enjoy and remember to pop your £1.50 in the honesty box.

Also complete with comfy chairs and sofa so a great place to shelter.

Please remember NO dogs in the hut.


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